Hi, I'm Urvi Shah

Running for Schoolboard

I have been a long-time Pleasanton resident and mother of two kids. Both my kids have attended or are attending Pleasanton schools (Fairlands, Hart, and Amador).

I am an avid volunteer and passionate about serving my community. Which I have done through various community projects, workshops, and events.

Urvi Shah

My Goals

As a school board member, I hope to bring diversity to the school board. I want to help bridge the gap between Pleasanton's diverse cultural groups and represent their various ideas as decisions are made. Families in PUSD come from very different social upbringings and different education systems. Since I know these unique sets of challenges, I can offer to be the liaison between the school board and parents, being that bridge that will provide an understanding of the concerns and interests of parents and the school district to each other. Respecting and celebrating cultures is the beauty of diversity. I like to promote the overall well-being of society.

By raising two children in the Pleasanton Unified School District system and actively volunteering in our schools, I have a deeper understanding of concerns and challenges from various sides, including parents and students, and the PUSD staff. I understand the unique struggles of schools, parents, and kids as I have worked with all of them in my different roles as a mother, community member, and after-school provider. I am an avid volunteer in schools and community, promoter and provider of youth workshops, Teen camps, Summer camp provider, and youth-adult empowerment workshop organizer. I have ample experience working with kids from a younger age, teens, and youth. With my extensive experience in working with today's mental health issues through different workshops and camps, I can use my knowledge and insight to inform school district plans to enhance the quality of life and well-being of our kids. It gives me a perfect reason to join the PUSD school board. where I can help to bring some of my expertise into the mainstream. As it's important to invest in every child's education to ensure their future success because today's youth will be tomorrow's leaders.

My goals are to increase accountability and transparency in fiscal decisions and retain quality educators. I see the great impact my kids' teachers had on their lives. If we can retain our staff, by understanding the needs of our teachers and staff members, we can promote and help in preserving and improving the quality of the school system. With my experience as a local business owner, I understand the complexities of the school district finances and will work to decrease the budget deficit. As the Area two trustee, I promise every dollar spent will be towards our children's education. ensuring we provide the right tools for our students to build their lives. I believe in balancing all areas of human life. A true leader works towards unity, growth, and betterment of the whole society, which I can promise will be my focus as a school board member.

With your vote, we will ensure that Pleasanton students receive the best.

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